Sunday, March 20, 2016

One More Night!

Today was clear but windy. We took a walk down to the municipal building -- we are still trying to straighten out the bike rental charge from a month ago. It was a nice morning for a walk so we didn't mind. Hopefully, we have it all taken care of now. The gal at the desk recognized us and was very nice and helpful.

On the way back, we passed the Wool Shop that was closed last time we passed by. My sister-in-law is a knitting and sewing enthusiast. Thought it would be nice to bring back some Israeli wool. This is the only shop I have seen during this whole trip. This time, the shop was open. The wool is not from Israel but it is hand dyed and spun in Israel by Bedouins (and I am sure transported by camels) . Good enough. We picked out a skein and were on our way.

Got back to the room and changed for the beach. Not too many people out today because of the wind. We didn't even have to pay for the chairs. The sun was out and the breeze kept us cool. At around 3, the clouds came rolling in and the temperature dropped. Time to go.

Now we are trying to fit everything back in our luggage. Which by the way, I cannot say enough good things about. During our Vietnam trip last year, a guy had an Eddie Bauer bag that Geoff really liked. We spotted them when we were in Vermont last spring and Eddie Bauer was having a huge sale. So we bought a couple. If anyone is interested it is the Expedition 26.  That along with packing cubes and you're all set. They are also guaranteed for life - the way we travel that is important!

It's hard to imagine, but we only have one more night to go. It has been quite the sojourn. A friend just commented and said this will be a trip that will stay with me for a long time. I have no doubt. As I drink my complimentary bottle of wine (reward for being a return customer to hotel) and watch the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea,  I am so thankful that we went through with our plans and were not scared away by a frenzied media.

Taxi comes at 5 am tomorrow.  Eli came in a fully loaded Mercedes, maybe we'll get the same tomorrow. Early dinner and sweet dreams.

Next time.... Home, Sweet, Home


  1. New England welcomes you home with a Nor'ester...6 - 10" snow coming in at midnite leaving noon Monday. You guys should miss(I hope) this one.

    And it has been quite a sojorn. We have been with you all the way enjoying the Blog and great photos. But we miss you guys and glad you will be home soon.

    huigs, j

  2. I know I'm repeating myself but - wow. What a journey! Thanks for taking us along with you plus writing all your experiences in a way where the photos confirmed the experience I had "seen" in my mind thru your descriptions. Love you both & hope to see you soon back here in MA.