Wednesday, February 10, 2016

We're Off!

Today's the day. Our car service comes at 7 pm to get us to Logan airport for the 3 hour wait for our 11 pm flight to Istanbul.

The winter snows have arrived, so it is definitely time to leave.  We haven't gotten too much in the way of inches, but the temperatures are starting to decline.  February started out feeling like spring. We were able to bike in comfort - only 2 layers instead of the usual winter 4, and let's not forget the ninja mask!.
Mattapoisett Neck - Feb 1, 2016
We are in for a 9 1/2 hr flight, arriving at 3:45 Istanbul time.  It's always very exciting before we leave and this year is no exception. Very little sleep last night.  With all the packing done and the house chores taken care of - nothing to do but wait.  Fortunately, the weather looks like it is going to cooperate for the flight out. Even Istanbul has warmed up to the 50's when we were expecting 30's!

We've been getting calls and emails from family and friends.  We are grateful to all of them for their well wishes.  Diane and Tim will be keeping an eye on the house again this year.  Diane's mom is a big fan of the blog and will keep us in her prayers. Not being terribly religious ourselves, it is comforting to know that folks are putting in the good word for us. Miss Carolyn's junior high school geography class will also be following us around the globe again.

As always, we welcome all comments.  We love to hear from you all.

Next time... Waking up in Istanbul

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