Monday, February 29, 2016

Closer to the Beach

TODAY'S PHOTO ALBUM: Israel - Tel Aviv - Day 5

Gathered up our stuff once again this morning for our last move -- finally get to move into the apartment we booked in the first place. I'm beginning to feel like Goldilocks.  We don't have to check out here till 1pm so it was back on the walking path for us.

We did about a 4 mile loop this morning covering a new section of town. First it was up the beach - stopping at some of the plagues and historic sights along the way. We turned down the famous Ben Gurion Blvd. By the way, there are fresh juice stands here literally on every corner. Stopped into the Ben Gurion house.
In his will Ben-Gurion requested to bequest the house to the State of Israel. Three years after Ben-Gurion died, the Ben-Gurion law 1977 was enacted, which stipulates that house will be open to the public, and will serve as a museum in memory of Ben-Gurion and as a commemoration of his legacy, as well "as a Reading, Reviewing and Research center", as Ben-Gurion himself requested.
The house was opened to the public on 29 November 1974, and as of today, guided tours and symposiums are conducted in the house, with the purpose of depicting Ben-Gurion's character and life work as a leader. In addition, memorabilia, historical documents, and Ben-Gurion's titles awarded to him when he was prime minister are exhibited in the house.
Walked further down the boulevard and turned on Dizengoff  to the famous Dizengoff Square and fountain:
The "Fire and Water Fountain", also commonly referred to as the "Dizengoff Square Fountain", is a Tel Aviv landmark in the center of the Dizengoff Square. Dedicated in 1986, the fountain is a kinetic sculpture,the work of the Israeli artist Yaacov Agam.
The fountain was developed by Agam for ten years and is one of Agam's most famous creations. Agam has gained international recognition as one of the founders of the kinetic art movement. The fountain consists of an illusory dimension and a movement dimension, both typical to works of Kinetic art and Op art, which is achieved by the use of technology and by the observer's movement. The fountain is composed of several big jagged wheels, which were designed in the kinetic style (colored geometric shapes, which are perceived as different images from different angles). A technological mechanism is automatically activated at different times of the day and the night, turning the wheels on their hinges, injecting water upwards in various forms, spitting fire upwards and playing music.
Continuing on Dizengoff to Bialik Square - this is another famous landmark:
Bialik Square and Bialik Street has some of the best examples of the Bauhaus and Modernist buildings which make Tel Aviv the White City. These are one by one being painstakingly restored. 
 Our last stop was the Reuben Rubin Museum on Bialik Street:
The Rubin Museum is an artist-house-museum in the historical heart of Tel Aviv, formerly the home of the painter Reuven Rubin, where he resided with his family and worked from 1946 until his death in 1974. Constructed in 1930, the house on 14 Bialik St. opened to the public as a museum in 1983. A choice selection from the Museum's permanent collection of Reuven Rubin's paintings has been on display, replaced periodically by guest exhibitions focusing on the early period of Israeli art.
Heading back to the hotel, we admired  the many Bauhaus houses and some street art. Stopped into a gift shop and made a friend. As far as safety is concerned, we have not felt unsafe at all. There is really not a heavy visible security force. Yesterday we ran into an army group but that has been the most that we have seen so far.

Back in the room, we snacked on leftovers and packed up for an afternoon at the beach. It was an absolutely perfect day. In the 80s with a soft breeze. The sand is very fine and smooth - no rocks or pebbles. Water was about 68 degrees - refreshingly cool. And there is a whole lot to look at! You can people watch for days. Think the average age is around 26. We stayed until 4pm and headed back to check-in to our new room. Deja Vu!

The weather was just too good to stay inside. Decided to get dinner along the beach. Walked down to Fish Kitchen and had a lovely fish dinner. Still lots of activity out here at night. Bikers buzzing by and a lot of volleyball teams.

Time to call it a night.

Next time... Rabin Square

TODAY'S PHOTO ALBUM: Israel - Tel Aviv - Day 5

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  1. Well, if you're gonna spend a week in a city it looks like Tel Aviv was the right choice - nice people, good food and the beach! Happy travels as you move onward to Jordan xoxox