Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Here we go again

TODAY'S PHOTO ALBUM:  This is for future links

Yes, we are on the road again.  We leave Feb 10 and return March 21.  We will be traveling to the Middle East - details will be in forthcoming posts.

Last year we ran into a few problems with the blog so I am sending this out as a trial run.  Please send your comments if there are any problems with anything.  I would like to get the technicalities done before we leave.  Some of the problems were type size, not being able to leave a comment, etc.  Since everyone's viewing screen is different, it presents a challenge.  This year I will post the link to the photo album within the text. as well as in the left hand column.  I realized that folks were not even seeing the left hand column.

Again, please let me know of anything that needs changing.

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. Mac test. I tried it the other day & it was messed up. BUT... Today it works. :)

  2. Buckled in .....and ready to go.